autogen for 100% synthetical test data

For the first time: Synthetic DWH test data from metadata and SQL source code

DWH tests are far more complicated than normal application testing and it requires considerable expertise and time to find suitable test data. Matching test data for many DWH test types would be synthetic test data (instead of real data). But till now the production of synthetic test data for DWH testing has been very time-consuming and presupposed high programming skills.

The basic idea of autogen: The relevant logic operations for testing are included in the metadata and the SQL source code of the Data Warehouse. autogen uses for the automatically production of synthetic test data from metadata and SQL source code the DWH software as an information source on the Data Warehouse structure (metadata) and the flow of data in it (SQL source code).

autogen determines the relevant logic operations automatically and generates on 100% automated synthetic test data by completing test data to automatically loadable, small test data sets. No programming skills are required.

More about autogen here