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Our services

- Test management
- Systematically test cases design
- Manufacture of synthesized DWH test data with autogen
- Test automation
- Maintenance of the DWH test data with autogen
- Training on the use of autogen

About us

periplus instruments was founded in 2004 by information scientist Dierk Ehmke who has developed after more than twenty years of test experience autogen as a product. His aim was to program automation test software which guarantees data protection to 100% and does not access systems of delivery. The result is autogen, a new approach for test data synthetisation. autogen produces DWH test data with analyses and synthesis. autogen analyses the table relations of your DWH and following that produces 100% automatically synthesized test data. autogen guarantees data protection because of its non-using of live data. With autogen testmanagement gains time because of its independency from the operational database.

What is a periplus?

A periplus is a detailed description of the sea coasts, often with nautical informations. Ancient sailors navigated with the help of their periploi their ships safely from one to another port. Like a first class periplus periplus instruments helps you safely through the cliffs of your IT landscape. Automate your data warehouse testing with autogen - for quality and safety.