Data Warehouse Testing - BI

autogen for buoys in dataocean
autogen has many advantages that turn through the use of the DWH test in relevant benefits:

Advantages - Benefits: Prio 1
- synthesized test data - reduction of expenses for produktion of test data and test automation
- automated error detection
- high-speed automatic regression testing by small test data sets
- minimizing the maintenance effort for test data

risk control through high test coverage and requirement orientation
revision security as a result of test automation

Advantages - Benefits: Prio 2
- Small testbeds
- Less code reviews
- Fewer or no manual testing
- Early test runs without productive data
- data protection (possibly Prio 1)
- Developer tests are supported
- Agile development is supported

cost savings
(data) compliance

autogen in use: you benefit several times Aufbau einer Tabelle

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Company uses production data Company uses synthetic data (autogen)
risking de-anonymization minimize risk of data leaks
waits for data of the delivery systems synthesizes test data and runs test any time after code completion
depends on the delivery systems, can not design test cases on method can synthesize test data for all test cases, which are considered as necessary (special cases)
need of production-like test environment usage of small test environment (PC)
must calculate long test runs completes tests within minutes
has high costs for test data archiving and test case maintenance boosts quality and safety